CTK Elastic F Soundproof

Self-adhesive, very light thermo-acoustic material, reinforced with metal foil, aimed at reflecting thermal emission and further improvement of acoustic properties. This is one of the most effective materials for heat and sound insulation of the car interior, characterized by low sound transmission (noise) and good thermal insulation properties, including at higher temperatures. Due to limited flexibility, CTK Elastic F mats are easily installed on flat and less complex surfaces. The product does not emit toxins after heating to + 150ºC. Due to this, as well as to their oil-resistant and waterproof properties, CTK TempoFix F materials can be used on almost all parts of the vehicle body, including the engine compartment cover. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use it together with vibration-damping mats wherever possible. Elastic F is best applied as a second layer. This material is identical to the series CTK Elastic, its distinctive feauture is a layer of aluminium foil from the outer side, that gives heat-reflecting properties to the material, and thus increases thermal and sound insulation effect.

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